Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Out of complete desperation, one of my 'mature' students was forced to bring her daughter to class on Monday. Towards the end of class the precocious 7-year-old asked if I was in Hanson. Hanson? C'mon, surely I now look old enough to be mistaken for a Backstreet Boy or a 98 Degree'er. Apparently my American accent prevented me from qualifying as a member of Westlife or McFly in this little girl's eyes. Even when I wear nice trousers, a tie, and sometimes even fake eyeglasses, I am mistaken for a Boy Bander. It's inevitable, really, no matter how I dress. Honestly, though, I really hope I never lose my young looks because then I'll just look like an aging, wrinkled old midget. I.e. one of the Backstreet Boys. Upon hearing this little girl's inquiry, which she asked in all seriousness, I replied, "Mmm-Bop," and continued with my lecture.

Today, though, I look like the corpse of a Boy Bander, as I have come down with an awful cold after the intense, exhausting few weeks I've just had. I've got another conference in Leicester next week so I am grounding myself (without alcohol - horror!) until next Wednesday. That's a week of planned healthfulness, which will be a world record for me. Please consider my March trip list on my sidebar - I absolutely cannot afford to be ill right now! The only question now is how much self-discipline I'll have for nursing myself back to utmost health.

In other news, I'm afraid to report that Iggy is no longer with us. When he wouldn't stop acting-up, I finally took him to the Apple store yesterday. The men at a the Apple Genius Bar were unable to revive him. And although Iggy was 6 weeks out of warranty, the nice Apple Genius who helped me felt so sorry for me that he gave me a new iPod anyway. I now have a high-school-crush on my benevolent Apple Genius, as he illegally gave me a free £150 iPod, whom I have named Ichabod. Since Ichabod was conceived out of love and pity, we'll see how long he lasts. The only shitty thing in this whole scenario is that I've lost all 4,600+ songs that were inside of Iggy 'cuz I, um, sort of don't have my iTunes backed-up on my laptop.

You can only start a boyband if you kill one of the ones already out there. - Good Charlotte's Joel Madden